Forms of Ganesha

1 - 4

1) Bala Ganapati
The child
The elephant face God has four arms and has a colour of a rising sun.The God is holding his favourite "Modak"

2) Maha Ganapati
The Great One
He is having a complexion of a ripe paddy.He has shakti on lap, who has a lotus in hand.He has three eyes and the crescent moon on his crown.He holds Gada,Sugarcane,Bow,Chakra, Pomegranate,Lotus,noose, Bluelily,Sprig of paddy,Tusk and Potof Gems

3) Uddanda Ganapati
The punisher of evil
He has on his lap his Shakti in Form of a female.The female is green coloured and holds a Lotus,Lily,pot of Gems,Blue water,Gada, Sugarcane,Noose,Sprig of paddy,Garland,Pomegranate and Tusk.

4) Urdhwa Ganapati
The tantrik God
He holds in hand the green complexened Goddess and has in hand,aFlower,Lotus,Sprig, Arrow,Sugarcane and aTusk. He has golden complexen.

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5 - 8

5) Vara Ganapati
The boon giver
This form has three eyes and colour is red.He wears a crescent moon on his head and holds the Noose,Goad,Dish of Honey in hands and Jewels in his trunk.

6) Veera Ganapati
The Warrior.
This form has eight pairs of arms and red complexion.He holds Goblin,Bow,Spear,Arrow,Chakra, Gada,Goad,Noose,Pick-Axe, Battle-Axe,Trident,Snake and Banner.

7) Vighna Ganapati
Destroyer of the evil
This form has golden complexion with eight arms and holds Shankha,Chakra,Flowers,bow Noose,Sugarcane,Garland.

8) Vijaya Ganapati
The success giver
He has red colour and he seats on a rat. He holds in handsa Goad,Noose,Tusk and a Mango.

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9 - 12

9) Yoga Ganapati
The Yogi
He has a colour of morning sun and he wears garments of of the blue of God Indra.He is in yogic stance and bound in yogic girdle.He holds a Noose,Prayer beads,Sugarcane and a staff of the Yogi.

10) Taruna Ganapati
Youthful Ganesha
The young Ganapati is red in colour,resembling the sun in the noon.He holds in hand a Noose, Elephant Goad,Apple,Sweet Modak,Tusk,Sprig of paddy and Sugarcane branch.

11) Bhakti Ganapati
God of devotees
The God is said to have colour of full moon in autumn.He holds a Mango,Banana,Coconut and a cup of Sweet of Milk.

12) Dhundi Ganapati
This Ganapati is often of red or sindura colour.He holds in his hand a Tusk,Prayer beads, Axe and a Ratnakumbha.
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13 - 16

13) Durga Ganapati
The Savior
He has a huge body and complexion like burnt gold.He has in hand a Flag,Prayer beads,Bowand,Rose and a Apple. He wears a red Wastra(garment).

14) Dwija Ganapati
Born Twice
He is having four heads.He holds a Book, Prayer beads,kamandalu and a Staff.He wears shining bangles on his arms and has a colour of Moon.

15) Dwimukha Ganapati
The God with two faces
He has bluish green colour,red silk garments and gems studded crown.He holds a Noose,Goad, Tusk and a pot of Gems

16) Ekadanta Ganapati
Single Tusk
He is blue in colour and has a big abdomen. He holds Prayer beads,Axe,Laddoo and the broken Tusk.

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17 - 20

17) Ekakshara Ganapati
Of a single letter
He has short arms and legs and he has three eyes.He is red in colour and wears a Garland of red flowers with the crescent of Moon on his crown.He is clad in red silk and he carries a Noose,Goad and a Pomegranate. His fourth hand is in Varada posture that is fulfilling the wish of devotees.He sits in Padmasana that is yogic lotus pose.He rides the mouse.

18) Haridra Ganapati
The Golden one
He is yellow in colour with bright yellow raiments.He holds a Noose,Goad,Tusk and a Modak in his hand.

19) Heramba Ganapati

Protector of a weak
He has dark green colour with five faces and rides a lion.His hand is in Abhaya posture(protection).In other hands he holds a Noose,Tusk, Axe,Fruit,big Hammer,Garland and a Modak.

20) Kshipra Ganapati

Quick acting God
This God is very charming and red in colour. In hands he holds a wish-fulfilling tree, Kalpavriksha,Noose,Tusk and a sprig. He also has a pot of Gems.He holds a Ratnakumbha on his trunk.

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21 - 24

21) Kshipra Prasad Ganapati
Who gives rewards
He is seating on a throne of 'Kusha' Grass.He is adorned with ornaments.He has big abdomen. In hand he holds a Noose,Tusk,Lotus,Goad, Pomegranate and sprig of a Kalpavriksha tree

22) Lakshami Ganapati
Success giver
He is pure white in colour.He keeps one hand in Varada posture(blessings).He has blue lotuses on either lap.He holds a Noose, Parrot,Goad,Sprig of Kalpavriksha tree, Pomegranate.Swoard and a Kamandalu. He also holds the Godesses Siddhi(Achiement) and Buddhi(Wisdom).

23) Nritya Ganapati
The Dancer
This is a golden colour God,who dances under the Kalpavriksha tree.He has Rings in his fingers and holds a Noose,Goad,Axe, Tusk and sometimes a Modak in his hands.

24) Runamochana Ganapati
He releases humanity from bondage of white crystal like mien.He is clad in red silk garments. He holds in his hand a Goad,Noose,Rose,Apple and a Tusk.

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25 - 28

25) Sankatahara Ganapati
Remover of sorrows
He has a colour of a rising Sun.He is seating on a red Lotus.He is clad in blue and holds in hand a Noose,Goad,Pot of Payasum.His right hand is in Varada posture(boon giving).He holds Shakti on his lap who is in the form of a female.

26) Shakti Ganapati
The Powerful
He holds green coloured Shakti,in female form in one arm.He has colour of sun-set sky.He holds a Noose and Garland of flowers. His one hand is in Abhaya posture that is blessings giving to dissiples.This form of Ganesha is a part of tantric worship.

27) Shrishti Ganapati

The Creator
This form of Ganesha is having a red complexion.He holds in hand aNoose,Goad,Tusk and a Mango.

28) Siddhi Ganapati

God of Achievment
This form of Ganesha has a golden yellow colour.He holds in hand a Mango,Stick of Sugarcane,Axe,Flowers and a Sweet ball of seesame seeds in trunk.

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29 - 32

29) Simha Ganapati
Riding on a lion
He is white in colour and in hand he holds a Sprig of wish fulfilling tree.He also holds a musical instrument called Veena.In hand he has a Lotus,Bunch of Flowers and a Pot of Gems.

30) Trimukha Ganapati

Three faced
He is seating in a golden Lotus and has a red complexion.His left hand is in Abhaya posture(Protection) and right hand in Varada (Boon giving) posture.He holds in hand a Goad,Noose,Beads and a pot of Nectar.

31) Tryakshara Ganapati

Of three letters
He has golden colour and he has fly whisks in his ears.In hand he holds a Noose,Goad,Tusk,Mango and a Modak in his trunk.

32) Uchhishta Ganapati
A Tantric God
He holds Shakti in female form in his arm. In other hand he holds a Lotus,Pomegranate, Sprig of Paddy,Prater beads and Veena (Musical Instrument).He has blue colour.

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